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NJS Builders

NJS Frames: Tools of the Keirin Racers and a Community Bound by Fate. NJS frames are not only essential equipment for keirin racers but also a testament to the craftsmen's precision and skill unique to Japan, as they stake their athletic lives on the line. These frames are relied upon by riders and builders to deliver peak performance in split-second races.
In this section, we will introduce the distinct characteristics and stories of various NJS builders, including those who have been certified in the past.

All introductions were written by Toshifumi Kodama.

Builder A to Z


A well-known major manufacturer, often associated with the use of carbon frames by the Japanese national team. Perhaps influenced by their feedback, they seem to adopt the latest specifications. With a long history in keirin, many riders use BRIDGESTONE, resulting in a wealth of data. While NJS has not undergone significant changes, there have been gradual updates to available pipes, such as the Columbus MAX fork. BRIDGESTONE is quick to incorporate these advancements. It is a brand that suits riders who want to embrace anything that can provide even a slight advantage. The color schemes are also intricate and popular.


A frame builder with a workshop in Fukuoka Prefecture. When I was in junior high, my mentor gave me a road-use Nambei fixie, and at that time, I didn't know anything and thought, "Nambei, does that mean it's made in South America!?" But as I rode it on the roads, it performed well, and in high school, I used it on the banked tracks. Later, I learned that it had won in the Keirin event at the World Championships. It's one of the few brands that can have Alkan shell installed for NJS. It's now being manufactured by a former professional Keirin racer.


The POS order system, highly acclaimed by keirin racers, offers the convenience of completing high-precision custom frames within a short period of two months. The frame's lug decorations feature Panasonic's original designs.

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