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Operated by Masterpista

Keirin Base is operated by Masterpista in Osaka, JAPAN.
Feel free to drop by and check Keirin frames!

Keirin Base powered by Masterpista

3-17-9 Nakatsu, Kita-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka 531-0071 JAPAN

Mon-Sun 13:00-20:00

Owner and staff


Owner of fixed gear speciality store; Masterpista AKA Pisuto-jijii on his YouTube channel.
instagram: @911jn

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Active Keirin racer and organizer of fixed gear street criterium events; sfiDARE CRIT. He takes part of buying NJS frames and parts from his fellows.

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Take part of design and marketing, customer follow, shipping. When you chat, I'm the one you're speaking to!

About us

The depth of the NJS world

"Bicycles designed to win" that have been stripped down to the utmost limit and pursue only speed are extremely primitive machines.
In an era where technology and AI are advancing day by day, and things that were once dreams can now be easily obtained, don't you think this primitive vehicle has a fresh appeal?
We aim to deliver the ultimate refined beauty that is unique to NJS to the world, which can be felt from its infinite possibilities. We hope that your own customized bicycle will take flight with your free imagination from here.

Friendship forged by fixed gear love

My friend Toshifumi Kodama, who is an active professional keirin racer, founded sfiDARE CRIT, the Japanese version of RED HOOK, which races on public roads without brakes, while continuing his activities as a keirin racer. He share the fun of track racing to street racing, where anyone can enjoy. His passion to share fixed gear with many people is the same as mine.
The Keirin Base was created to communicate not only Japan's unique culture of keirin but also to the world. It incorporates his knowledge and experience as a professional keirin racer, which only he can convey.

Worry-free and trustworthy NJS site

All frames and NJS used parts sold at Keirin Base are personally selected by Kodama from his fellow racers and maintained by Masterpista's Nakase.
We provide as many photos as possible to confirm the condition of the frames before purchase. Additionally, to prove that the frames have been properly maintained, they are affixed with Keirin Base stickers.


Owners and staff


Born in Hyogo prefecture. Graduated from the Track and Field Athletics Club at Tokai University. Spent 40 years in Tokyo working as a photo stylist primarily for still advertisements, with a background in styling and coordination. After establishing a dedicated fixed-gear bike shop in Harajuku, Tokyo, relocated to Osaka in 2014 and opened Masterpista, a specialized fixed-gear bike shop. Promotes the appeal of fixed-gear bikes through the YouTube channel "Pisto Jijii Channel."
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■ Awards:

  • 2009: 8th place in the Back Circle category at the Fixed Gear World Championships CMWC Tokyo
  • 2011: 3rd place in the Trick category at the JMA Fixed Gear Nagano Tournament
  • Sports Incentive Award (from the Prefectural Governor), Yomiuri Advertising Award, Asahi Advertising Award, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award (2 Gold Awards, 1 Silver Award), and others

■ TV Appearances:

  • TV Tokyo's "TV Champion" (two consecutive victories) and others

■ Magazine Appearances:

  • LOOP Magazine, PEDAL SPEED, BiCYCLE CLUB, MEMO, Lightning, and others


Born on December 19, 1974. Started riding BMX and BTR at the age of 8 and began competitive cycling at the age of 12 as a member of Ogaki Racing team. Alongside his career as a keirin racer, he has participated in bicycle competitions and achieved victory in the national team with a Japanese record. In 2017, he made his debut as a keirin racer at RED HOOK CRIT BROOKLYN 10, spreading the popularity of fixed-gear criterium races in Japan. As part of his activities, he established the sfiDARE CRIT JAPAN team in 2018. He participates in races around the world and organizes the first fixed-gear criterium in Japan, sfiDARE CRIT, in various locations, supporting a community of fixed-gear enthusiasts.

■Notable Achievements:

Active keirin racer (as of May 1, 2019: 221 wins in total)

1992: Interhigh 3000m Individual Pursuit Champion (High school record) 1992: Junior World Championships participant
1999: Asian Championships 4000m Team Pursuit Champion (Japanese record)
2013: All Japan Pro Cycling Championships Team Pursuit Champion
2015: All Japan Pro Cycling Championships Team Pursuit Champion
2018: Red Hook Crit Another Chance Race - 7th place

The Challenging Path of Keirin Cyclists 2

The Challenging Path of Keirin Cyclists 2

I have five disciples, and some of them are currently enrolled in the training center. The eligible age for the exams has changed significantly, starting from 17 years old. In other words, you can take the exams from your second year of high school.
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The Challenging Path of Keirin Cyclists 1

The Challenging Path of Keirin Cyclists 1

I'd like you to listen to my story for a moment. Since my father was also a keirin cyclist, keirin has always been a familiar presence in my life. However, my interest in keirin didn't develop until much later. When I was a child, I received a BMX bike and became a cycling enthusiast, participating in road races and going on cycling trips to various places. It wasn't until I was in high school that I started seriously pursuing track cycling.
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My 28years career with Panasonic

My 28years career with Panasonic

When you hear the name Panasonic, you might think more of home appliances than bicycles in Japan. However, Panasonic is a highly recognized brand worldwide, having supplied frames to a professional road cycling team in the Netherlands during the 1980s.
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