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My 28years career with Panasonic

My 28years career with Panasonic

From fridge to high quality Keirin frame

When you hear the name Panasonic, you might think more of home appliances than bicycles in Japan. However, Panasonic is a highly recognized brand worldwide, having supplied frames to a professional road cycling team in the Netherlands during the 1980s.
For me, Toshifumi Kodama, who has spent 28 years in my career, my favorite frame has been Panasonic for 20 years. Even my first road bike, which I received as a child, was a Panasonic. And when I won the Inter-High Championship in high school, it was also on a Panasonic bike.

A strong ally for racers

The POS Panasonic order system is a highly convenient ordering system for professionals, as it delivers high-precision custom frames in just two months. Even in case of any trouble, I can quickly obtain the same product, and when I want to try out a new skeleton, I want to get it as soon as possible. There is a wide range of choices for pipe sets, and the combinations are relatively flexible. The feeling when riding, with Panasonic's original lugs, leaves a unique impression.

Another attractive aspect is that they supplied frames to a professional road racing team in the Netherlands during the 1980s. At that time, when I was a high school student, I admired riders like Ludwig from Germany and Ekimov from Russia. The know-how from that era is also incorporated into modern Panasonic frames, which is one of the reasons why I have been a loyal user of Panasonic for many years.

Toshifumi Kodama

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